Ankeny Wildlife Sanctuary in the Willamette Valley of Oregon

This sanctuary is one of three in close proximity to one another in the Willamette valley of Oregon (where we live).  Ankeny is about 45 miles south of Portland and is a major winter-over for migrating birds.  Up to 25,000 geese at times (we didn't see that many but who's counting).  This trip was taken on 15Feb04.


Geese Flock        Swarming birds     Swarmer's Island

Geese at Ankeny(1).JPG (179607 bytes)     Bird swarm at Ankeny(1).JPG (482234 bytes)     Bird swarmers on island(1).JPG (549496 bytes)   

Click here for a movie of the swarming birds. There must be 10,000 of them.  It is a LARGE file (23 MB) so have a fast line and/or download manager.  Requires Apple Quicktime to view.


  Strange devices(1).JPG (92410 bytes)   What are these?  (This is a back view of them) 

Click here to see what these really are (front view)


Pond scene         Eagle & Geese   Eagle in tree        Tree in winter       Sap sucker in tree

Ankeny back drop(1).jpg (132960 bytes)    Eagle and geese(1).jpg (457385 bytes)    Eagle(1).jpg (186022 bytes)    tree in winter(1).jpg (493587 bytes)    Sap sucker in tree(1).jpg (119944 bytes)

(look for eagle)